Some Hills ARE Worth Dying On

I, for one, refuse to just “lie back and enjoy it”….

So the “grin and bear it” movement among the RINOs and Libertarians has begun. “Biden is going to be the next President, so you’d best learn to live with it” is their refrain. “All this talk of a ‘civil war’ is mindless and irresponsible” they tell us.

Basically, those of us who recognize the massive voter fraud — and its consequences — being committed by the Democrats and their ilk are being told to “Lie back and enjoy it.”

Those same chocolate eclair-spined would-be bloviators are pontificating as to how the words “ballots” and “bullets” have a common origin, and thus are essentially the same thing, so any suggestion of actual armed resistance to the actions of an illegitimate Biden administration (and in very short order, an equally illegitimate Harris administration) will be not merely pointless but immoral. “Bullets” in the form of “ballots,” so their reasoning goes, have already been tried — and have failed. “Better luck next time,’ has become their refrain. Except that there damned well might not BE a “next time.”

(For the record, by the way, “bullet” and “ballot” do NOT have the same origins. “Bullet” derives from from roughly the 1570s, its origin the Middle French “boulette,” meaning “small ball,” specifically a metal projectile meant to be discharged from a firearm. “Boulette” is a diminutive of “boule” — “a ball” (13th c.), derived from the Latin “bulla” “round thing, knob.” The word “ballot,” on the other hand, comes from Italian “ballotta,” defined as a “small ball used in voting” or the process of a vote taken by employing “ballottas,” introduced into the Italian lexicon by the Republic of Venice in the 14th Century. If the bloviators are going to lie to you about that, what other falsehoods will they spin to encourage you to “lie back and enjoy it”?)

One of the less-than-enjoyable aspects of being an historian is that it brings you the knowledge that there are moments in the lives of societies and nations when confrontations are spawned and however good the intentions might be of one side or the other, or even both, conflict in inevitable.

Appeals to the historical record are sometimes referred to as the act of “waving the bloody shirt” — though it’s perhaps more akin to Antony reminding the mob “You all do know this mantle…. Look, in this place ran Cassius’ dagger through. See what a rent the envious Casca made. Through this the well-belovèd Brutus stabbed….” In either case, an appeal to the original example can and should be made. In the mid-1770’s, those Americans in the Thirteen Colonies who had come to recognize themselves as distinct from Englishmen had reached a point where being told to “Lie back and enjoy it” had ceased to be an acceptable choice. They were no longer willing to grant silent consent while government officials appointed by the British Crown abused their authority and grew rich and fat in the process by denying the rights and privileges to the Americans which the Crown, with exquisite, studied hypocrisy, assured those Americans they possessed as Crown subjects. What difference is there, except perhaps in degree, between the actions of George III, his ministers, and Parliament and the acts that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their Congressional minions have already assured the American people they will undertake? The time to begin opposing the tyranny that will be imposed while wearing the tiniest fig leaf of legitimacy is now.

Push back for now — as hard and as long as you can; offer passive resistance wherever, whenever, and however you can; say “No” whenever and wherever you can when your Constitutional rights are being violated or denied; work the system, work the courts, make the would-be tyrants work to effect their tyranny. And if that fails, then FIGHT back tooth and nail, claw and fang, AFTER the tyrants have crossed the line into open violence, either themselves or via their minions (you know who those minions are — they’ve already made themselves well-known). As Captain John Parker said on Lexington Green, “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

Because some hills ARE worth dying on….