I had originally hoped that in the Spring of 2014, the first of my e-book editions would be released, Warrior Queens–the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth in World War Two.  However, we ran into some ownership/copyright issues with the original publisher which had to be clarified, delaying the project.  As soon as the formatting and proofing is complete, I will be posting a link that will allow you to purchase and download a complete, unabridged copy of the book in a format compatible with most e-book readers and software.

The Day the Lusitania Died, a revised and updated edition of my book The Lusitania, will be available simultaneously, so please be patient.  We just suffered a minor setback, that was all, and these projects will soon be completed.

 Distant Victory–The Battle of Jutland and the Allied Triumph in the First World War, will be available in mid-summer.

–Daniel Allen Butler

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