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I love fan mail.  In fact, I love email, so long as it isn’t spam!  So any time you have questions, or comments, or would like to invite me to a book signing, speak to your group or organization, or just have me appear at a boat launching, a road race, or most any other kind of event–but mainly if you have comments and questions–pop an email in my direction. You can reach me at danielallenbutler@gmail.com.  I promise to reply within 24 hours so that we can discuss the details.


–Daniel Allen Butler


4 thoughts on “Where to Contact Me

  1. I just finished “Unsinkable”. I congratulate you on this remarkable book. I am 79 years old and have read a lot of history. Yours is among the best.

  2. Mr Butler,
    I’m thoroughly engrossed in your “Unsinkable” book which I have from my library. I have a huge interest in the Titanic, and this is the book tells me all the little details I have been longing to find out. You must have done a lot of painstaking research.
    I love your writing style. You have brought it all alive for me. Thank-you. I shall buy your book for my collection, and look forward to reading more of your work.
    Kind regards, Eileen.

  3. Hi Daniel-
    I’ve taken up doing research and reading on the Carpathia in the last few years, just eating up everything I can. I devoured your book, The Other Side of the Night, and I loved all the details of that amazing expedition and what happened afterwards.
    I was wondering if you had any information about some of the others serving on Carpathia after the Titanic incident. Specifically the officers and chief engineer. They were such important figures in the events, but I can’t find anything out about what they went on to do other than Captain Rostron and Harold Cottam.
    Any additional insights you could give me would be fantastic!
    Thanks for your research and work!

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